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Case Study: Solomon Colors

Learn more about how Solomon Colors, a global leader in architectural concrete products, uses VicinityChem to help manage all the varied formulas and link all its facilities.
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Case Study: Crowley Chemical Company

Learn more about how Crowley Chemical Company uses VicinityChem chemical manufacturing software to simplify operations across its multiple locations, track inventory and consolidate data.
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Chem Finance analysis

Infographic: 5 reasons why chemical manufacturers should invest in ERP software

ERP software systems created for chemical manufacturers can help improve customer satisfaction, streamline compliance, decrease operations costs and more. Check out this infographic to learn more.
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Implementation and training of software | Our Approach To Sales, Training, Implementation & Support | VicinityChem

Case Studies…chemical manufacturers using VicinityChem

Want to know more about how chemical manufacturers use VicinityChem? Check out these case studies. Learn more about how a batch manufacturing ERP software system for chemical manufacturers such as VicinityChem can help you to integrate departments, improve operations, make better products and drive smart, sustainable growth.
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Vicinity Software celebrates 20 years!

Vicinity Software celebrates 20th anniversary with integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
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research and development

Five Must-Have Research and Development Tools

Before we dive into the essential Research and Development (R&D) tools for your process manufacturing business, allow us to set the stage for you. Many of our team members are…
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