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Financial integrations

VicinityChem integrates with either QuickBooks Online or Microsoft Dynamics.

QuickBooks Online

VicinityChem integrates with QuickBooks, making it a perfect solution for companies who aren't ready to upgrade to a more robust platform. You get all the benefits of an ERP system without the overhead costs of and time required to implement a new system. VicinityChem extends the feature-set of QuickBooks Online to include purchasing, warehousing, enhanced inventory, e-commerce, CRM, and sales.

Microsoft Dynamics

As businesses grow, they often need to upgrade to an ERP system that is more substantial than QuickBooks Online. A good indication that this time has come is when the owners of the company start to delegate financial responsibilities to other people. This requires better security and more substantial audits. VicinityChem integrated with Microsoft Dynamics provides chemical manufacturing businesses with the comprehensive ERP system they need.



Common sense barcode solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP
Panatrack is an inventory and asset tracking solution for Dynamics GP customers, using data-capture technologies like barcode, RFID, and mobile handheld computers. Panatrack tracks the transactions that are critical to efficient business operations.

Verisk 3E/MSDGen

Navigating the Complexities of the Globally "Harmonized" System

Verisk 3E™ has been helping companies overcome challenges associated with GHS since the late 1990s and early 2000s. Verisk products and services are GHS-ready, as each country adopts and implements its own version.

Lisam (SDS/GSH)

ExESS by Lisam


ExESS is an SDS authoring tool by Lisam Systems. Vicinity and Lisam worked together to generate an interface sharing component and formula data from VicinityChem to ExESS.  The compiled SDS is then turned to VicinityChem for storage and distribution. 


Supply Chain Execution Solution

Fascor is a warehouse management platform that automates and streamlines inventory activities in the supply chain.  Fascor can post chemical usage and production and post directly to VicinityChem batch tickets.  The integration is real-time and transparent to the user.


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