VicinityChem Software System

A feature-rich software product built for chemical manufacturers

An all-in-one ERP software system

VicinityChem is a single, cohesive system that can manage all of your daily operations while taking different formulas and multiple batches into account.

VicinityChem offers real-time, accurate data across every department — including inventory overviews, production scheduling, integrated quality control testing, seamless reporting, and more.

Software built for batches

VicinityChem was built with the specific needs of formula-based manufacturing companies in mind. This chemical manufacturing software is designed to handle the challenges of chemical manufacturing companies. We are more than software for manufacturing companies, we are software for chemical manufacturing companies.

Variation in Process

Most systems only support linear input to output process. VicinityChem can incorporate variations in process from one batch to the next, even when the same end product is being produced.

Variation in Ingredients

Most systems require that you use the exact same ingredients and quantities of ingredients every time you want to produce a specific finished good. If you want to use different ingredients or quantities, you must create new logs to support each variation. VicinityChem can account for and track different ingredients and quantities of ingredients for a particular product without requiring businesses to create new logs.

Variation in Packaging

Most systems require a specific batch or job each time a business wants to do a bulk production run that requires different packaging. VicinityChem easily tracks bulk production runs, and it can incorporate variations in packaging needs based on the size of the batch.

Multi-Stage Production Runs

Most systems cannot map multi-stage production runs. VicinityChem seamlessly manages production runs that are interdependent. It can also report outputs at each stage to calculate variable inputs, logging intermediate batches and by-products or co-products created along the way.

VicinityChem can seamlessly integrate many of the unique aspects of your chemical manufacturing process, saving you time and money while simultaneously requiring less set-up and providing you with more accurate data.

How VicinityChem works

VicinityChem, chemical manufacturing software, tracks production at the formula or recipe level instead of measuring your production with a traditional bill of material. When your company uses a formula, VicinityChem will provide the guidelines for the master recipe while allowing you to easily document what you actually used — which may be different than the standard formula or which may have used a substituted input. This detailed tracking gives you more flexibility than traditional manufacturing software systems.

To achieve the same results with a system that uses a bill of material as the foundation, you would need to set up a new job for every possible combination of items or ingredients that make a product. And you would need to set up a new job for every bulk production run.

This requires additional data entry, which wastes time and often leads to errors. It also requires more manual accounting. For example, if you are scaling up a batch for a bulk production run while recording the results across individual logs, you would need to divide your results manually, you lose the ability to accurately trace lots, and there is no longer an accurate way to capture true overall yields.

The solution for formula-based chemical manufacturers

Our intuitive and efficient chemical manufacturing software solves the challenges of recipe-based manufacturing companies. VicinityChem is designed to alleviate time-consuming and error-prone workarounds that are required to use traditional manufacturing software systems. Our product empowers your team with an accurate, centralized data set and a host of features that can save time and money while reducing errors.

Vicinity software solves your manufacturing needs and improves operations across every department.

Solutions for your Business

VicinityChem provides easy-to-use solutions for every department.