Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers

With VicinityChem

Vicinity Software offers chemical manufacturers a robust, flexible software product, a hand-on integration approach, and expert ongoing support. VicinityChem can streamline your processes and help you make better business decisions.


Manage and track your new product development efforts with precision using our seamless analysis, ingredient statement creation, version control, and more.

  • Perform Nutritional Analysis
  • REACH Compliance
  • Ingredient Statements
  • Version Control


Provides a comprehensive overview of production costs, profit margins, and labor expenses to help you make better business decisions.

  • Production Costs Include Ingredients, Labor and Overhead
  • Estimate Future Production Costs
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or Quickbooks


Streamline the batch ticket process using intuitive tools to create, scale and update batches for raw material usage and packaged product recording.

  • Modifiable Batch Ticket Layout
  • Efficient Data Entry
  • Track Quality Additions Or Batch Process Changes

Quality Control

Implement and manage chemical safety initiatives within your organization using centralized software keeping all employees on the same page.

  • Automate Lot Trace and Recall
  • Test Ingredients, Intermediates, Packaged Goods and Equipment
  • Prepare Certificates of Analysis On Demand


Increase the value of the data you have access to and reduce the time it takes you to turn around information with complete, accurate, real-time data.

  • Crystal Reports or SSRS
  • User Query Tool - VicinityView
  • Excel Based Dashboards
  • Power BI

Research and Development

Optimize the user experience by renaming fields, hiding sections of data and reorganizing screens.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Reorganize screen to user preferences
  • Add security by hiding data fields


Create a cohesive, unified schedule for your entire company with VicinityChem. Our ERP planning software uses real-time data shared across all departments to ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page.

  • MRP Functionality
  • Visual Calendar
  • Schedule by Line
  • Forecasting

Supply Chain

Provides complete supply chain management from vendor performance metrics to opportunity tracking to customer profitability analysis.

  • Calculate Available to Promise
  • Review Vendor and Customer Analysis
  • Generate Customer Labels

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