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Learn more about how a batch manufacturing ERP software system for chemical manufacturers such as VicinityChem can help you to integrate departments, improve operations, make better products and drive smart, sustainable growth.

Vicinity software was written and developed specifically for formula-based manufacturers. We’ve been helping our customers streamline their processes and improve efficiencies since 2001.

Learn how a few of our clients use VicinityChem in their business:

  • Mayco Colors: Mayco Colors, a family-owned company based in Hilliard, Ohio, celebrates its 70th year as a leading manufacturer of ceramic glazes, pottery supplies, and acrylic stains for the art and craft industry.

Prior to implementing Vicinity Software with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Mayco Colors faced several limitations including outdated DOS-based software, manual MRP operations and limited reporting.

This partnership exemplifies the power of innovative solutions and dedicated support. Vicinity’s ability to customize the MRP process for Mayco Colors’ unique needs, combined with the insightful SONAR reporting system, has streamlined operations and ensured efficient inventory management.

The ongoing collaboration with Vicinity Software allows them to continuously evolve and adapt their system. This future-proof approach ensures Mayco Colors can meet the ever-changing demands of the art and craft industry.

Read the entire story here.


  • Engineered Custom Coatings: Engineered Custom Coatings (ECC) is a holding company for several small- to medium-sized industrial customers that make paints, finishes, coatings, and other industrial goods. ECC has grown as a company after several acquisitions, and it began using VicinityChem software in 2013. When ECC first implemented the VicinityChem software, it was only using about 30% of the software capability.

Because of this, ECC was not utilizing the inventory or cost analysis programs to help track raw materials and formulas and was not creating batch tickets. With several people keeping track of inventory on paper, it also made it difficult to understand what raw materials were on hand and to plan for orders in advance. Read more here.


  • Solomon Colors: Solomon Colors is a family- and employee-owned and operated global leader in architectural concrete products. In business for over 90 years, it manufactures and distributes anything, and everything related to concrete – from colors to fibers, to polishes, to stamps. Solomon Colors has grown with its many acquisitions to meet the innovative demands of the market and has production facilities in IL, CA and MD and inventory warehouse spaces across the U.S. Solomon Colors has been a customer of VicinityChem since 2014.

Because Solomon Colors is a process manufacturer, its volume-based formulas can change a lot for all its colored products across its different vendors. VicinityChem gives Solomon the flexibility to manage all the varied formulas and links all its facilities. This also helps better manage Solomon’s complicated inventory across its many facilities, as Solomon programs the software to let it know what needs to be made and what needs to ship from each location. As Solomon has grown, the system has grown with it to help manage the numbers at each location. Continue reading here.


  • Crowley Chemical Company: Founded in 1920, Crowley Chemical manufactures and sells specialty aromatic oil blends that are used primarily as polyurethane extenders to reduce customers’ cost while maintaining the desired performance properties of their products. Crowley also has a long history of selling coal tar-derived products for use in a vast array of end markets, including roofing applications, oil field products, and refractories. What makes Crowley truly unique is their ability to supply customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar, delivered from its multiple locations across the US.  

Crowley Chemical has been a customer of VicinityChem since 2019. Prior to implementing VicinityChem software into their ERP system, Crowley had been operating with complicated Excel spreadsheets, with no integration from start to finish.  Learn more here.