Infographic: 5 reasons why chemical manufacturers should invest in ERP software




5 reasons why chemical manufacturing ERP software is a good investment

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Below are 5 reasons why investing in an ERP software system specifically created for chemical manufacturers makes sense (and cents!).

VicinityChem was built with the specific needs of formula-based manufacturing companies in mind. This chemical manufacturing software is designed to handle the challenges of chemical manufacturing companies. 


1. Decrease operational costs

  • Consolidate production into larger batches with integrated forecasts and production schedules
  • Reduce expedited shipping costs and stockouts with greater inventory visibility
  • Streamline data entry to record production transactions
  • Identify processes with higher-than-expected production costs to take corrective action
  • Reduce chemical costs by forecasting chemical usage into the future to achieve more favorable pricing from suppliers

2. Increase productivity

  • Optimize the production schedule to achieve greater production capacity
  • Spend less time manually compiling data for analysis
  • Reduce time to close financials
  • Streamline the process of QC to determine bottlenecks in testing and defining batch adjustments

3. Boost profitability

  • Analyze cost of production from start to finish and highlight areas for improvement
  • Quickly identify high yielding processes as well as underperforming ones
  • Define formula costs during the R&D process using real-time actual inventory costs
  • Anticipate the impact of future chemical cost changes and the potential impact on formula costs

4. Streamline compliance

  • Comply with regulatory and customer-driven compliance requirements such as COA and Product Spec Sheets
  • Maintain lot traceability from supplier to warehouse to production to customer
  • Generate SDS/GHS documents on-demand

5. Improve customer satisfaction

  • Reduce production variability from batch to batch
  • Streamline the sales order management process improving delivery times
  • Generate supporting product documentation for the customer’s R&D and Quality requirements

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