Introducing VicinityChem Branding


Our software is unique just like each of our chemical manufacturing customers. VicinityChem aims to help businesses function with ease, produce exceptional products, and drive smart growth with a software system that accommodates the intricacies of formula-based manufacturing. With the new VicinityChem branding, we wanted to convey the distinctiveness of formula-based manufacturing within the chemical space and our commitment to delivering a complete software solution that grows with your business.

chemical software

The VicinityChem symbol is an abstract representation of a beaker, which is used to contain various chemicals and liquid materials. The beaker also signifies experimentation, process, and collaboration.

chemical software

Vicinity software has been an active solution in chemical and formula processing industries since our foundation in 2001. The VicinityChem brand delivers additional resources in the form of structured projects and community for our clients to experience. It’s a channel for chemical manufacturers to identify with, and for our team to connect in the most effective and specific manner. Some of the unique elements for chemical manufacturers include inventory control and lot traceability, instructing and reporting compliance regulations, quality testing and procedures, and optimizing how batches can be scheduled, particularly if hazardous ingredient or reaction is present.

We wanted our new branding to convey everything VicinityChem stands for. It had to be, primarily apparent that our software solution caters to formula-based manufacturers in the chemical space, that we know the complexities involved in your processes, that we are dependable partners, and above all else, we are client-oriented.

We hope you like this new look for VicinityChem! We continue to try to better serve our users in formula-based manufacturing with a scalable, software system that accommodates the complexities of formula manufacturers.

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