Top 5 Manufacturing Sessions at Chem Show 2017


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The Chem Show is where engineers, plant managers, and other CPI personnel come together to see the latest equipment & technology, meet product experts, and discover new ways to optimize their plant operations. Bringing together more than 5,000 industry professionals and 300 exhibiting companies, the Show is the largest North American event exclusively focused on the processing of fluids, powders, and gases. Held every odd year since 1915, the Chem Show has a proven track record of helping the CPI meet the ongoing demand for faster, smarter, cleaner, and more efficient processing facilities.

The biennial 2017 Chem Show was held from October 31st-November 2nd, at the Javits Center in New York City. We attended this event and the below five sessions were ones we were looking forward to attending. Here were five sessions we checked out while in NYC to stay up to date some of the latest industry trends and best practices for chemical manufacturers.

Chem Show 2017

  1. State of the Art Advances in Technology and Software Solutions for Development, Design, Optimization, Troubleshooting, and Revamp of Industrial Reactor Systems
    • In the past 50 years, chemical engineering has undergone strong advances as computer systems and solutions have been developed. This continues in the 21st century with new software becoming available that can now be used for all stages of reactor development, design, optimization, troubleshooting and revamps. There is now software that will be described that can greatly facilitate these tasks, covering catalysis, reaction modeling, engineering, and all other aspects, from lab to demo/pilot to commercial scale, for a wide range of different types of reactor systems.
  2. 2018 Chemical Industry Spending Outlook: USA & Canada
    • An outlook on future spending for the Chemical Industry with highlights around trends and drivers that will influence future investments. The year 2017 started with a record amount of spending planned to begin construction. Learn how the year has shaped up so far and get an overview of capital and maintenance spending identified for 2018.
  3. Keep a Close Watch on Your Process Data
    1. DeltaV Mobile is an intuitive experience that allows users to have the plant at their fingertips whenever they need it. Engineers, operators, and plant managers can view real-time process data, historical trends, alarm details from multiple DeltaV systems and from other systems via OPC.
  4. Process Industry Practices
      • Receive a brief overview of PIP and how our consortium of member companies develop and implement common industry practices for project EPC and maintenance related work.
  5. Process Industry Best Practices
    • The adoption of “best practice” standardization within process facilities in order to promote safe and reliable operations is essential. In this seminar learn about the conservation of engineering resources to implement these practices.

As a chemical manufacturer, you face a myriad of challenges through your operations in a highly regulated industry. Some of those challenges include the ever-increasing cost of raw materials, managing formulations, and new product development, adhering to regulatory changes and the associated costs, and organizing operational and manufacturing data. With all the potential obstacles, it is critical for your chemical manufacturing company to have a strong ERP system that can centralize scheduling, costing, lot traceability, and formula management.

To learn how Vicinity Software can help your chemical manufacturing obstacles, read our blog, 4 Critical Elements to Chemical Manufacturers Success, or contact us today.

We hope to see you at the 2021 Chem Show!

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